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Find advice on a large variety of topics. Each section below is full of great advice for newcomers to Canada.

Health Care in Canada:
Canada has a public health care system commonly known as Medicare. This means that health insurance covering essential medical services is available to all permanent residents and Canadian citizens.
Social Insurance Number (SIN):
A Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a nine-digit identification number given to you for the purposes of income tax, Employment Insurance, old age pension or other government programs. You need a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada.
Language Training in English or French :
The Government of Canada, in cooperation with provincial governments, school boards, community colleges, and immigrant and community organizations, offers free language training across the country for adult permanent residents.
Housing in Canada:
When you first arrive in Canada, you will probably be living in temporary accommodation. You will soon be looking for a permanent place to live. The cost of setting up your first home may be more expensive than you expected.
Education in Canada:
Public education is run by the provincial governments and is paid for through taxes. Public education is free and available to every child in Canada. By law, children must attend school until the age of 15 or 16.
Budgeting, banking and saving in Canada:
Budgeting: It may cost more to get started in Canada than you expected. Although Canadian salaries are relatively high, so are costs.

Banking information: Banks and other financial institutions such as trust companies, caisses populaires and credit unions provide a safe place to keep your money and services to help you manage your money.

Saving Money: Most people budget to save some money each month, usually in a savings account in a bank, trust company, caisse populaire or credit union.
Your Rights, Freedoms and Responsibilities in Canada :
All Canadians enjoy certain rights based on Canada's tradition of democracy and respect for human dignity and freedom. These rights are found in Canada's Human Rights Codes and in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Government in Canada:
Canada is a federation. The federal system of government means that powers and responsibilities are divided between the federal government and the 10 Canadian provincial governments. Canada also has territorial jurisdictions in the far north of the country.
Your Permanent Resident status and what you need to do to keep it :
Permanent residence status gives a non-Canadian the right to live in Canada. Permanent residents enjoy most of the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens. They must meet certain residency obligations to maintain their status.


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