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Hello and Welcome to the Canada immigration profile of CVRS Inc. We are a Canadian firm which offers a full range of the immigration services on line for clients in Canada and abroad. Our team works in co-operation to make the immigration process easier for people around the globe interested in living and working in Canada. We can inform you regarding the latest changes in immigration law and ensure that your case receives the individual care and attention it deserves. Our services include: qualifications for permanent resident status, temporary employment visas, removal of the visa conditions and acquisition of Canadian citizenship. CVRS Inc. frequently represents Canadian Citizens for non-immigrant visa applications to the United States under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and have acquired considerable expertise with regard to the necessary procedures in this area. We have extensive experience in processing of temporary employment authorizations to Canada.

The first and most important step that you will make as an applicant for immigration to Canada is choosing the right representative to open the doors for you. We make the claim that you will not find any other service that operates as we do. What distinguishes us most from our would-be competition is the fact that we work closely with each individual client in strictest confidentiality to bring the very highest possible quality results for him/her that we can. The success of our work for each client is the direct result of a gritty determination to be the very best at what we do. If we accept a client, that acceptance comes with our commitment that we can and will fulfill his/her demands.

CVRS Inc. has extensive Canadian immigration experience advising and representing applicants now living and working in Canada. Through our worldwide network of contacts including those in, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Far East and the Pacific Rim we are able to provide country specific services. These affiliates are familiar with documentation in their countries, making it easier to resolve any problems which may appear during the application procedure. On a regular basis we contact embassies overseas to receive updated information, thereby serving our clients as efficiently as possible. With a track record of proven excellence in the Canadian immigration field, CVRS Inc. is at forefront of internationally known immigration firms around the globe.

CVRC Inc. Employs immigration consultants and advisors With more than 14 years' experience providing consultancy and advise on immigration and relocation matters.

CVRS Inc. provides assistance with all types of permanent & temporary visas - including students & visitors; employment & family sponsorship; citizenship; appeals & cancellation.

For Canada's Immigration Assessment of your case, please complete the linked assessment form online.

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