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Canada Skilled Worker Class Immigration / Independent Immigration
Citizenship and Immigration Canada


Skilled workers are people whose education and work experience will help them find work and make a home for themselves as permanent residents in Canada. Applying to come to Canada as a Skilled Worker is not difficult.

To be accepted as a Skilled Worker, applicants must:

  • meet the minimum work experience requirements;
  • prove that they have the funds required for settlement; and
  • earn enough points in the six selection factors to meet the pass mark.

The following categories will help you determine if you can apply as Skilled Worker. You can assess your chances of being accepted. Consult each of the following areas for the current regulations regarding:

  • Minimum Work Experience Requirements: 
    Check to see if your experience qualifies you to immigrate as a Skilled Worker according to the Canadian National Occupation Classification Matrix.

    Jobs on the list of restricted occupations cannot be used as work experience on your application.

  • Proof of Funds: 
    You must have enough money to support your family for six months after you arrive in Canada. Check to see if you meet the financial requirements.

  • Language Skills: 
    Language skills are an important factor in the selection process. Points are given for your ability in one or both of Canada's official languages, English and French. Learn about the:

    • two options to document your language abilities;
    • approved language tests; and
    • Canadian Language Benchmarks.

  • Six Selection Factors and Pass Mark: 
    Applications are assessed on six selection factors and a points system.

    • Read about the six selection factors for Skilled Workers
    • Learn about how the points system works.
    • Check the current pass mark for applications.


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