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Important Notice
The government of Canada lowered the pass mark to 67 points instead of 75 points. You may qualify to immigrate to Canada under the new law.
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Do you want to immigrate to Canada?

Canada values the skills and experiences that foreign professionals and workers bring with them. Check to see if your skills and experience qualify you to come to Canada as a skilled worker.

Do you want to sponsor relatives or family members from abroad?

As a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, you may sponsor close relatives or family members who want to become permanent residents of Canada.

Are you looking to own or manage a business in Canada?

Business immigrants are people who can invest in, or start businesses in Canada and are expected to support the development of a strong and prosperous Canadian economy.

Do you intend to visit Canada for a short period only? Are you seeking to work in Canada with a work permit?

Foreign individuals who wish to work or simply visit Canada must apply for Temporary Status Visa.

Are you seeking education in Canada?

More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year. This does not include people studying French or English as a second language. Foreign students bring a rich culture to our classrooms. Your knowledge and skills are welcome in our schools.

Would you like to find advice on a large variety of topics regarding your relocation to Canada?

The Skilled Migration visa stream provides an individual route for highly skilled and experienced people to live and work in Canada.

Do you need information about some universities in Canada?

Find information on more than 100 universities, colleges and career colleges in Canada, including admission requirements, costs, programs and contact details.

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