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Why Hire Our Immigration Experts to Handle Your Case?
Canada Immigration and Visa Relocation Services


Immigration may be the most important decision you will make in you entire life but the process is complicated, expensive, and success can be difficult to achieve.

The following will describe the benefits and success that can be achieved by hiring our services:

  1. Many applications are delayed or rejected because they are incomplete.

    Weeks or months can be wasted because you didn't send all the required supporting documents. A large proportion of your points will come from adaptability, and lack of organization at this stage can be very damaging. Our experienced consultants will be sure to send all of your supporting documents accurately when you apply. This will help to leave a favorable first impression on the government agents handling your case.

  2. Other applications are rejected because the immigration officials discover that the information you have given them is inaccurate or misleading.

    It does not matter whether deception was intentional or not. One little mistake will cost you dearly. Our experts will make sure your application is accurate, thereby avoiding many needless problems.

  3. English is a factor.

    Your ability to speak, write, and read English will be evaluated. If your application contains even the simplest errors, your ability to score well in this category may be jeopardized. We will ensure that your application is prepared in perfect English.

  4. We will prepare a professional 'cover letter' to accompany your application.

    The main purpose of this is to present your case in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. Your cover letter will give the evaluating officer the opinion of a professional immigration consultant. Immigration officials should provide grounds for any disagreement with our professional evaluation. We will direct the officer's attention to your more competitive points, thereby putting you in the best light.

  5. Experts at our office can make inquiries on your behalf.

    The evaluating officers at Immigration Canada are not permitted to discuss the details of any case with non-Canadians. That means you will never be able to speak directly to an immigration official. On the other hand, we can. We will be able to contact the officer handling your case if it should become necessary.

  6. We will help you to prepare for your interview.

    This is usually the final step before you become a landed immigrant. Your interview will often be the deciding factor since every immigration officer has the right to accept or refuse you for any reason. If you do well during your interview, the application will be accepted. On the other hand, if you do poorly, it will be rejected!!!

    Our experts will coach you on how to prepare for your interview, provide a list of possible questions the officer may ask you, give you "tips" that will put you in a favorable light, and we will help you practice this final step in simulated interviews until you feel ready.

In short, trust our experience to manage your dream to Live & Work in Canada.

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